MagiX Active Wear – a bit about us and “The Pocket”

“The idea for our magical magiX pockets developed in 2019, running a tough 3-stage trail race in Springbok. As most trail runners, I always have my phone in my pocket to quickly capture some incredible moments and scenery. Conditions were hot and sweaty but I was pushing for one of the podium places!

At the time I was wearing another brand that had one pocket but I lost my phone presumably after a leap over some rocks on technical terrain.

I was lucky enough to find it after a few minutes but lost a position on the day.

I still managed to get onto the podium the next day, but I was in a mission to make the pockets more secure without restricting access!

Prior to this I had already lost a car key at a parkrun which led to the search for a method to secure my keys.

The end result with a 1/4-3/4 split pocket plus reflecting safety strips and an additional key clip speaks for itself”